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What is Projection Art?

It is a technique which parents and teachers can use with kids aged 10 through teens to turn a printed image into a painting of any size on any surface.

Here’s how it works:   First, you take your design and light projector, then project the design onto the wall or other painting surface. Next you trace the outlines onto the wall with a paint pen and then fill in the blanks coloring book style using paint pens or color washes (watered down paint).

This Paint Pen Method works great for images with a strong outline, like cartoons and ink drawings. Paint pens are great for kids—they are just like markers, only filled with paint, so there are no spills, clean up, or brush techniques to master. (Note: If you don’t have a projector, don’t worry; alternate techniques are provided.)

For more "painterly" images comprised of blocks of color (like many photographs and paintings) use the Projection Stenciling Method. Here, you create your own custom stencil by tracing your image onto stenciling paper and then cutting out the stencil one color block at a time, directly on the surface to be painted. Stenciling rollers and brushes are used to fill in the blocks. This is not standard, cookie cutter stenciling—the design possibilities are endless and the results amazing.

Projection Art for Kids offers 21 projects, from small-scale designs to full-scale
wall murals, for the nursery, daycare, child’s bedroom, teenager’s room, or classroom.

  Try these great projects:

  • Comic Relief (Paint Pen): Cartoon art for canvas, cardboard, a wall or door
  • Easy Rider (Paint Pen) The motorcycle lover can paint this bike on a large canvas, bedroom or recreation room wall, or even in the garage
  • Puppy Love (Projection Stenciling) These furry friends are perfect for creating a child-friendly space in the home, classroom, or daycare
  • Out of Africa (Projection Stenciling) A big mural project for big imaginations, great for a bedroom wall, playroom, or den.

Each project in Projection Art for Kids is accompanied by a design, color photographs, and clear instructions. Adult help is recommended for many of the projects. Teachers can use the book for doing extraordinary class projects.
Parents can help their children to decorate their rooms. Younger children can help too, with some of the simpler projects.

Adults will find Projection Art for Kids a great resource for decorating the
nursery, workspace, or other “big kid” spaces. Remember, children and adults can tackle the projects in the book, or use the Projection Art techniques with one of their own designs. You will be amazed at what you can do with Projection Art for Kids. As author Linda Buckingham says, “In the hands of the young Projection
is an exciting and empowering tool, and for the rest of us, it is as if Peter Pan has taken our hand and allowed us entry into a world long forgotten.”



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