Projection Stenciling is a technique which you can use to can take almost any image and turn it into a stencil of any size. You can use the line drawings and step-by-step instructions to create any of the forty full color projects in the book, or you can use images from other books, magazines, clip art, slides, or photographs to create your own one-of-a-kind mural or decorative painting.

Turn a photo of your dog into a mural, learn faux etching for glass, or create faux wood inlay. All you need is a beginner’s knowledge of stenciling (covered in the book), basic stenciling supplies and a roll of butcher paper. Use the grid system or a photocopier to enlarge your image to the desired size, or use a projector (Tracer or overhead) to make enlarging even easier. This is not standard stenciling. This is Projection Stenciling – the possibilities are endless and the results are amazing!

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Make your boat shipshape with Beautiful Boat Crafts: Decorating Ideas and Projects for Onboard.

Linda Buckingham shares her wealth of knowledge with over 50 projects to help you decorate your boat, whether it is a small sailboat or a full-scale yacht.

Step-by-step designs for 
all areas of the boat, from floorcloths and knotwork to cushions and glasswork. 

Lavish full color photographs, clear concise instructions, and detailed illustrations make 
Beautiful Boat Crafts as inspiring as it is useful.

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Beautiful Boat Crafts

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“All kids can be great artists: no special talent is required, merely the ability to trace and think BIG.”

The joy and excitement of creating our own art is like no other, at least, when we are small children. That creative energy we all started with is 
what Projection Art for Kids is all about: putting the fun back into art, creating for the joy of it, regardless of talent or lack thereof.

Projection Art for Kids allows anyone to succeed as an artist. Imagine producing beautiful paintings covering walls, doors, floors, and t-shirts, with the ease and confidence of a master painter. No special genius is required to create a wonderful work of Projection Art, merely the ability to trace and to think BIG. 

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Projection Art for Kids

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